Toll-Free: 1-844-291-6612


Can I create additional custom subscriber fields?

Yes, you can create as many custom subscriber fields as you need.


Can I have the staff at Web2Inbox manage all of my Email Marketing for me?

Although, our system is fully automated some users may prefer to have us manage their sendouts as well as their mailing list. In this case you can use our a la carte services as follows:

  • Perform a send out: $15.00
  • Upload an image: $5.00
  • Resize or minor touch-up of image: $5.00
  • Creation of a template from an existing image, website or source file: $75.00
  • Graphic design of a template: Call for pricing
Can I include flash animation, videos or javascript in my newsletters?

Although, flash can be included in your newsletters it is not recommended as not all email clients support flash content. As an example, Microsoft Outlook, the most popular email client in the world does not support flash. A better way to include flash content is to link to your web based flash application from within your email. You can also send flash content as an attachment to your email, however, the flash animation will not automatically play. Also, keep in mind many businesses block such attachments.


Can I include xhtml and/or cascading style sheets (css) in my newsletters?

Although, xhtml & css can be included in your newsletters it is not recommended as not all email clients support this type of content. As an example, the latest version of Microsoft Outlook, the most popular email client in the world does not fully support xhtml and css. A competent website developer can often use a subset of xhtml and css however.


Can I integrate with my website?

Yes, integration with your existing is both encouraged and easy to do with the tools provided by Web2Inbox


Can I personalized emails to my contacts so that each recipient gets an email customized to them.

Yes, you are able to personalize emails based on the information you have collected on each of your contacts. For example, You can start emails with Mrs, Mrs, or Miss depending on the gender and marital status of your contacts.


Can I rent or buy email lists to use with Web2Inbox?

No, Web2Inbox is to be used for your own opt-in lists only.


Can I try it before subscribing?

We offer a free solution for email lists of 300 users or less. For larger lists we also offer a 60 day money back guarantee.


Can I use my own designs for the email templates used when sending out emails.

Yes, you can create and use your own templates or use one of our provided templates.


Can you create a template for me?

Yes, if you need help creating a campaign, please contact us.


Do I need to know how create HTML documents to create an email campaign?

No, you can use one of our many pre-existing templates, create your own with our online point and click tools, or have your web designer create a custom template for you. Web2Inbox give you the maximum flexibility to have your campaigns look the way you want them to look.


How can I import my contact lists into

Web2Inbox includes several tools to help you import your mailing lists using the method that is easiest an most intuitive for you. For example:

  • copy/paste large lists right into Web2Inbox (1 email per line)
  • Type new email addresses into our system one at a time
  • link to an externa database by providing the external database information
  • Import Excel, or CSV files. (ie. Export MS Outlook CSV files)
  • Import from any Pop3 Email account which contains emails in it.
How can I pay for my subscription?

We accept paypal, Visa & Mastercard.

How can Web2Inbox help me improve or grow my business?

The ways in which can grow your business include:

  • Build stronger relationships with clients or prospects
  • Keep in touch with parties interested in your products or service but not yet ready to purchase
  • Lower your marketing costs
  • Automatically Track results of your campaigns to continually improve the effectivness of your campaigns
  • Drive traffic to your website to increase sales and create awareness
  • Charge your clients to send out their marketing message to your opt-in list. ( Just make sure your clients are informed during signup that your list might be used to promote 3rd parties)
  • Reduce support costs by handling support issues through direct email
How easy is it to setup?

Actually, the system is already setup and ready to go as soon as you have signed up. Once you have signed up you can be sending out your first mailer within minutes. Of course, you might want to take a bit of time to configure your mailers exactly how you want them and perhaps upload or create a newsletter template using the easy to use tools.


I have a unique marketing campaign I would like to try. Can help me?

Sure, we might be able to help you. We often consult for companies wishing to create a unique marketing campaign that will defiantely get results. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs.


Is there a money back refund?

Yes, there is a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.


What if I don’t have an email list? Is still useful for me?

There’s no better time to start building your email list. You can use the free account to start building your list without any cost to you. Most likely you already have a list of contacts that you can use to start your email list. Over time you can grow your list to be a very powerful and essential business tool.


What if I need help?

All of our paid plans offer full support via email, phone and our online forum. Free Accounts can get support via our online forums.


What is double opt-in and double opt-out?

Double opt-in is when a person confirms that they did indeed sign-up as a subscriber to your mailing list not once but twice. The first opt-in occurs when they go to your web site and enter their email address to recieve your newsletter. They are then sent an email to confirm their subscription. When they have confirmed their subscripton using both methods the user is considered a double opt-in. Current Can-Spam rules dictate that all mailing list subscribers must be double opt-in.

A double opt-out is when a person confirms they wish to unsubscribe from your list on two occasions. The first opt-out occurrs when they go to your website and enter their username or email address to unsubscribe. They are then sent an email which contains a link that they must click to confirm that they wish to unsubscribe. When a person has confirmed their unsubscription using both method they are considered a double opt-out.


What is the free signup?

If your list has 300 users or less you can use the free option. This allows you to send out your mailer to up to 300 users at a time, once per week.


What is Web2Inbox?

Web2Inbox is a web-based Email marketing solution. It allows you to create and send Email marketing newsletters and/or campaigns to your clients and prospect lists. Web2Inbox is a great and inexpensive way to keep in touch with your existing clients and to build new relationships and clients. It is one of the only direct marketing methods that allows you to track your results in real time.


What is your privacy policy?

Our Privacy policy is simple and is designed to protect our customers privacy and personal information. We will not under any circumstances, sell, give-away, trade, or make your information available in any way to 3rd parties. This same policy applies to your personal information as well as the data contained in your mailing lists.


What’s so great about email marketing anyways?

Email marketing has many advantages over traditional snail mail as well as other marketing methods:

  • Much cheaper than snail mail
  • Launch campaigns or keep your customers informed of important information at a moments notice.
  • Marketing campaigns can be personalized for each contacts specific situation very easily
  • Target prospects like never before. Only send to prospects fitting a certain demographic.
  • Track the results of your campaign in real time.
  • Build a stronger relationship with your existing clients.
Why can’t I just use my existing email account to send out emails and just BCC everyone?

There are many reasons why Web2Inbox is recommend over using your existing email client:

  • List Maintenance: Users can subscribe or unsubscribe automatically resulting in less work for you to keep your lists up to date.
  • Bandwidth and load spikes: A large list can tie up your companies bandwidth. Our dedicated servers are designed to handle large amounts of bandwdith and high load spikes.
  • Blacklisting: Sending emails from your own system or network puts you in danger of having your network blacklisted by other email providers. We have relationships with all major ISPs, hosts and email providers to make sure your emails get through and your lists are not blacklisted.
  • Tracking: A full complement of statistics lets you track every aspect of your campaign to help you continually refine and improve your results.
  • Usability: A simple to use web based interface makes it much easier to create you campaign.
  • Administration: Assign multiple administrators to your account to share the workload. Optionally , you can allow your clients to login and view reports.
  • Reselling: You can use your Web2Inbox account to do sendouts on your clients behalf. Reports can automatically be sent to your clients.
  • Convenience: Since Web2Inbox is a web based application, you can access it from anywhere in the world.
  • Online Contact List: Look up your contacts from anywhere in the world.
Why don’t I just buy my own software and run it on my personal computer or server?

There are many reasons:

  • IT Support Staff
  • Managing Servers
  • Deliverability
  • Stats and tracking
  • Auto-responders
  • Usability
  • Upgrades
  • Setup Time
  • Free Support
Why should I choose Web2Inbox over other EMail Marketing Solutions providers for sending out my Email Marketing Campaigns?
  • Personalized Service
  • Small Company = Passionate company
  • Brand your emails the way you want
  • Price
  • Features
  • Advanced Personalization
  • High Deliverability
  • Perks (hosting discounts, poll discounts)
  • External Database capabilities
  • Our solution grows with your list
  • Exceptional Statistics and results tracking with graphs and charts
  • Ongoing development and inclusion of new features.
Will my member information be Safe and remain private?

Yes, we take the privacy of your mailing lists very seriously. Your member information is safe and secure in a firewalled dedicated server housed at a Tier 1 datacenter that is monitored 24×7 by physical security in addition to being monitored remotely for any anauthorized or malicous activity.